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The GoThru Overlay Editor consists of 4 areas:


Plugin Manager

Click on the “plus” icon (or A key)  to open the Plugin Manager for Hotspots, Menus, Maps, Control Center.

Theme Manager

The second icon (T key) is to choose the overlay Theme – for the moment GoThru offers only one theme.

Asset Manager

The File icon (or F key) opens the Asset Manager . GoThru accepts the following types of files: jpg, png, gif, svg, mp3, mp4.

Help Button
  • Click on the “?” (Help) sign, located on the lower left side, to open the key shortcuts list.

The top button of the left toolbar offers a range of shortcuts:




It shows the responsiveness of the overlay on desktop, tablet or mobile devices.






Under General Settings you could customize the menu, hotspots, maps and control bar; for the example below the menu has been customized:

  • Add a title to the Menu
  • Description
  • Tags
  • Logo image, that you can select from under your uploaded Files
  • Select the first panorama of the overlay
  • Background color of the menu
  • Active color for the current text
  • Text color

Note: GoThru assigns by default the colors for Background color and Active color.

Under Elements you can enable or disable functionalities.

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