Main Workflow for GoThru: Tour Creation and Moderation

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As you probably know, GoThru is an excellent instrument for moderating and publishing tours on Google Street View. In this article you can find a description of the main workflow for GoThru application.

  • First, you should create yourself an account in GoThru. Go on GoThru web page ( and press Sign in with Google. Your account will automatically be created and you will be taken to your dashboard.

  • Now go to your account settings and choose My Profile.

  • Press Google Publish button to activate it. This operation will allow GoThru to publish to your account.
  • Press Google Drive button to activate it. This operation will allow GoThru to import panoramas from your drive account.


– For the activation of the two buttons you will have to give GoThru  permission to access your Google data.

– The inactivated buttons look red, once activated – they will turn blue.

  • The Constellations section is your core operational spot in GoThru, as all your tours can be found here.
  • Press New Tour button to create a new tour.

  • In the Tour Address Finder, type your business location. Once you located it on the map, press Create Tour button.

  • Now  upload your panoramas. Press Upload Panoramas button, then choose one of the import methods: by drag and dropping the panoramas or by importing them from Google Drive (in this second case press Import from Google Drive button).

  • Search for your panoramas on Google Drive by typing the business name. Once found, press Start Import button, then Done.


When shooting your panoramas, make sure you keep the same direction (try to avoid shooting from different angles).  This will ensure an easier moderation process.

  • In Constellations -> Tools you will be able to see the panoramas count and panoramas dot representation on the map for the current tour

  • At this point, you are able to initiate the moderation process. Press Moderate button to open the GoThru Moderator.

The Moderator has the following structure:

– On the lower right corner you can find the list of unlinked panoramas. Once connected, they will move to the list from the lower left corner.

– On the top right corner there is the Preview window.

– On the upper left corner there’s a map containing the numbered panoramas displayed as red dots.

– The center of the Moderator is occupied by a preview of the cover for the selected panorama.

The moderation process implies the following steps:

– Double click on the first panorama.

-Position the center line (in red) where the next panorama is. Under the Preview image there are the thumbnails for the active panoramas in the Moderator.

-Double click on the next panorama. Center the preview image to be aligned like in the image below, with the red line through the middle of the image.

-At this point, if you look on the map, you will notice that GoThru has already created the link between the first and the second panorama.

-On the cover image, you can see that GoThru automatically created the nadir patching for your panoramas.


*Pressing the Up and Down arrows on the image will alternate back and forth views of the image. This feature helps you make sure you have a good connection between the panoramas.

*Using the mouse scroll will zoom in/out the panorama. This will also impact the map, changing the distance between panoramas.

-Now you should solidify the newly created link by pressing the blue arrow like in the image below.

-On the cover image, press F key (F=flip) to visually verify if your link is correct.

-Now click the new link on the map to close the connection.

-The moderation process continues with finding the next panorama in the unlinked panoramas list.

-Repeat the steps described above for all the panoramas you want to link.


*You can adjust the transparency level of the upper level panorama by pressing the keys from 1 to 9 from your keyboard while positioned on the image.

*GoThru V3 offers a very useful featured called the A-Key. In case the panorama is not pointing to the right direction, instead of rotating the panorama on the map to obtain a proper angle, set the red line where the link should point and press A. This will automatically correct the angle and correctly align the panoramas.

-Once you have finished linking all the panoramas, press Save from the upper left corner.

-Now, if necessary, you can re-position the constellation on the map. You can select it and drag it around or rotate it according to your needs.

-If you like, you can create a preview for the constellation (the speed and the image quality are not high, as this is not a tour yet). Inspecting the preview can be a useful tool, as it helps you verify if the constellation is correct (it is easier to correct a constellation than change a tour).

-The moderation process is now complete.

-Go to Constellations ->Tools to see your newly created constellation.

-Press Publish to Google button to create your tour.

Note: In case an error occurs with the tour, GoThru will let you know: you will see a red message displayed in the Google Street View Publish section.

-The final step: press Publish your tour on Google Street View -> Start Publishing. Your tour is now on Google Street View (the links between panoramas will become active in about 24 hours).




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