How to Select multiple panoramas and rotate them using GoThru

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In GoThru Moderator it is possible to manually adjust the position of the panoramas on the map.

In this tutorial you can learn how to select, rotate and move the selection of panoramas.

Select panoramas

To select, click Shift from your keyboard, then drag your mouse over the panoramas you want to select.

Rotate panoramas

To rotate a selection of panoramas, press the small “+” icon to enter “rotate” mode. Then, with your mouse, rotate the panoramas in the direction you need in order to obtain desired angle.

Move panoramas

To move panoramas on the map you have the following possibilities.

1. To move a selection of panoramas on the map, just click on the selection and drag it around with the mouse  to the desired location.

2. Lock the links by right-clicking on each link, rotate if necessary, then drag the panoramas to the desired location.

3. By combining both methods above: having the links locked, press Shift to select, then rotate.

Note: Depending on the selection, the rotation point will vary.



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