How to Import a tour from Google Street View using the Portfolio tab

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To import a tour that you have published on Google Street View you can go to the Portfolio tab  and search it based on the CID or name. The tour has to be published with the same attribution as in GoThru, otherwise you won’t be able to import it.

If the tour is under Portfolio, click on Import button on the right. This will import the tour under the Constellations.

If you are not able to locate the tour in the Portfolio, click on Update Portfolio, for GoThru to retrieve the lately published tours. Give the system some time until the process of updating is done. Reload the page.

Once the import has been completed, GoThru will display the confirmation message:

Go under Constellations and click on Tools. The Import function will retrieve the panoramas from Google Maps and will allow you to edit them or modify the constellation.

You can also have the following options:

  • click on View Contrib tab to open the tour directly in the Street View Contributions

  • or you can use the Delete function to delete the tour from Street View.
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