How to fix a tour that was published to the wrong Google Maps page

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If, by mistake, you published a tour to the wrong Google Maps page, GoThru allows you to fix the  problem. The fix consists in cloning the tour to a new Google Map page, as described below:

  • Go to GoThru -> Constellations, then find your tour in the list.

  • Search for the CID of the new Google Maps page, where you want to clone the tour.
  • Press Ctrl + U on the page, find the CID and copy it.

  • Back in Constellations -> Tours list, press Clone button for your tour. Copy the page CID in the requested field.

  • Press Clone.
  • GoThru will create a clone inheriting the full size panoramas, the whole constellations with all the links etc. This new listing will be a stand alone in GoThru, not being published on Google Street View.

  • You now have to rename the clone, as GoThru does not rename a clone automatically. Find it in the list, then press Tools -> Edit.

  • Find the name on the Google Maps page and copy it.

  • Back in GoThru, in Edit Constellations section, press the name to edit. Paste the new name in the Rename Listing field. Press Rename Listing button.

  • Now it is the time to publish the tour. In Tools, press Google button.

  • Note: When cloning, GoThru will not automatically add the place ID for this listing, so you have to do this operation manually.
  • Press Change Place ID and, in the Place ID finder, paste the listing name.

  • Press Update Tour button.
  • At this point the listing is ready to be republished to the new Google Maps page.
  • In Tools, press Google button, then Publish your tour on Google Street View – >Start Publishing.

Note: The process will take 5 to 10 minutes, depending on how big the tour is.

  • Now, you have to delete the tour published to the wrong Google Maps page.

  • In GoThru Constellations find the wrongly published tour, press Tools -> Delete Street View -> Delete.

  • Now, your tour is published under the right name and on the right Google Maps page.



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