GoThru: Street View Editor v3.1 and Keybindings

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Google Street View Editor v3.1 brings for the users the following new features:

  • The Preview window in the Moderator. It allows you to access a 360 degree preview of the selected panorama, so you will have much more information about the panorama in question before using it..

  • The Help feature in the Moderator. Press the Help button in the upper right corner of Moderator.

Help section will open. Its structure includes a Keybindings section with all the keyboard shortcuts for GoThru operations and a Video section comprising the main GoThru workflow as video tutorial.

Keybindings in GoThru

Interface operations

E – expands/restrains Map

P – shows/hides Preview

H – shows/hides Help

L – shows/hides markers numbers on the Map

0-9 -changes the opacity for the overlay image


/ – Previous/Next pano (by id)

W or UP – navigate forward in the viewer

S or DOWN – navigate backward in the viewer

A or LEFT – navigate left in the viewer

D or RIGHT – navigate right in the viewer

F – changes viewing angle to 180 degrees


+/- zoom in/out right pano (for the users of Apple magic mouse)

Q – auto align nearest connection

C – lock last connection

B – activate blurring mode

SHIFT+LMC on map – select markers in map

SHIFT+LMC on viewer – blur area (in blurring mode)

SHIFT+Z on viewer – blur area zoom (in blurring mode)

CTRL+Z – undo actions

CTRL+S – save changes


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